Saturday, October 18, 2014

Being in the MTC is being in the Celestial Kingdom With Telestial Food!

Words cannot describe the experience we've had in the Mission Training Center (MTC) this week. The daily uplifting meetings and group trainings were incredible!  We learned to teach with emphasis on personal spiritual preparation and an emphasis on listening, teaching to needs, teaching with simplicity for understanding, and so forth. We learned that "preparing a lesson" really means "preparing me."  

Even though the cafeteria food was definitely made for 19-year olds, the spiritual food was beyond explanation.

This is me holding Lily and Kinsley before the Stake President set us apart as full time missionaries for the Church on October 9th.  Did I mention that I miss my grand-kids yet?

This is our small District of eight missionaries, flanked by our young Returned Missionary instructors, Sister Frandsen (Russia) and Sister Moore (Peru).  Thanks also to Brother Floyd (Ohio) and Sister Tutt (Vancouver Canada).  What remarkable, dedicated, cheery, humble people.  We love our District companions, the Hagens (Houston Texas), Sister Walton (Ecuador), Sister Hall (Independence Missouri), and the Chabras (Kampala Uganda). The first day I was asked by the MTC president to bear my testimony in our initial Senior Missionary meeting with all 25 couples.  This was a humbling and rewarding experience.  Keith was called as our district leader!  He did a great job and also took care of several sick missionaries and helped out an elderly sister.  I also had fun leading the music several times this week!  WOW, slow tempo is NOT a problem in the MTC!

Happy Birthday Peter!  We went to Tucanos (Brazilian Food) on Wednesday and enjoyed hanging out with our son after a very busy day in the MTC. (We are lucky we're senior missionaries and have different rules than the young Elders!)  We also saw the movie "Meet the Mormons" with Peter today (after a Chick-filet lunch).  It was AWESOME!!  I recommend it to all of you. (Stacy, there is a clip from "Fletch" that you would like).  It is very well done and shows the impact of the Church in the lives of six remarkable individuals around the world!  Not too many dry eyes in this full length film.  Grab a friend and go see it.  You will feel the Lord's spirit.

We also visited with Keith's former missionary companion, Ralph Zobell and his wife Janet.  Wow does this guy know his Indonesian!  He teaches Indonesian to the missionaries via Skype.  He reminded Keith a lot about the language and taught me a lot of important things (like not to use your left hand or point with your finger in Indonesia, etc).  Ralph and his love of Indonesia and all things Indonesian is inspiring.

Guess who we ran into in the MTC cafeteria?  Yep, David Burt, an Elder off to Brazil from our home ward, Medford 1st!  I made him give me a hug...I hope he didn't get in trouble for it.  Oh well, it was probably worth it because I was able to send a picture off to his mother, Lisa!

This is a picture of the Wasatch mountains right before going into our Tuesday devotional where Elder Larry Lawrence of the Seventy spoke.  This was an incredible devotional!!  Elder Lawrence spoke about the battle the Saints are fighting against the adversary.  It was also awesome to hear hundred's of Elders and Sisters sing in the choir.  It sounded like they had been practicing for months, not days.

Below is our full Senior Missionary group for the week.  We have had an amazingly diverse, richly experienced and dedicated group with whom to train.  You all have remarkable stories to tell. Thanks to all.  We love and support you in your calls to serve the Lord across the globe. 

Tomorrow we get to attend the weekly national broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on SLC's famous Temple Square.  Keith's Dad George always used to lead the choir silently, but with embarrassingly noticeable hand movements in the congregation!  Who knows, maybe he really is using a conductor's baton now...

Love to you all.  We miss and pray for you.  Thanks for following along with us.  


  1. Dr.Williams,
    Glad you and Kathy are doing well .It does not seem real we have all gone in different directions.We met our new Dr.here in Queen Creek on Thursday.His name is Nathan Brooks and goes by Nate.He is also Mormon.Dr.Williams,I have to admit I cried my eyes out in his office.It was suppose to be you seeing us instead but he is a very nice guy and I told him I hope he was Just half as good as you are.He promised he would take good care of us.We wish you and Kathy the best there and pray God watches over you both and brings you both back home to your family safely. You will always have a special place in our hearts. May God bless you always and take care .love you,Julia and Nate Group hug XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Dr Williams:
    Jim and I have met with our new Dr. Travis McNeal and he is very nice, but we both miss you. We wish you and your lovely wife all the best. We will be eagerly reading your blog. Again We miss you. Jim and Karen Cooper

    1. Jim and Karen. Thank you for your kind words. I miss you also. Jim's Peace Corps experience in Honduras was a component of my motivation to do missionary work in Indonesia. Thank you! Thanks for following. I hope you find some joy, information, and inspiration from what you read over the next two years. Love, Dr Keith